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Can you Afford not to Employ this Technology?
An average hospital lose £000's a day in lost wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, not to mention the over-procurement of assets to ensure availability. Realise quick ROI with RTLS asset tracking.

Key Asset Tracking Advantages:
- Quickly locate equipment & stop the need for hoarding
- Lverage & Integrate existing IT infrastructure
- Add or Integrate temperature monitoring
- Extensive analysis tools
- Worry free prompts
- Fast ROI


List / Plan & Par Level Views
List Views, and Par-Level Views (optional) combine real-time location asset tracking information with important maintenance and inventory data. This allows your staff to efficiently and effectively manage your healthcare assets.

Alternatively, your items can viewed in a graphical format.

Change the culture of hoarding and ensure equipment is always available to nursing with par-level asset management.

With our RFID tracking system, you can also receive automatic alerts when hospital units run low on IV pumps or other assets.

    Automate Preventative Maintenance Dates
Evaluate purchasing requests using accurate, unbiased data on how often existing equipment is used for patient care.

You can also track preventive maintenance dates and highlight equipment out of maintenance to enhance equipment turnaround times.

Leverage your Existing Cisco® Wi-Fi network
Track assets campus-wide across your enterprise Gain complete visibility into your entire fleet, no matter where the equipment goes. Allow both biomedical and clinical staff to view and search for equipment locations, drastically reducing manual search time.
  New Dual Technology Asset Net Tag 
Adding to our established IR/RF platform, our new dual-technology Asset Net™ Tag emits both CCX and infrared locating signals to combine the precision of IR with the ubiquity of Wi-Fi.

The result — the most economic, scalable and effective RTLS in healthcare.

Start with Wi-Fi asset tracking for campus-wide fleet visibility, then add the precision of our wireless or wired infrared sensors where necessary to accurately analyses equipment utilisation and manage assets with par-level inventory alerts.

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