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  New Cross Hospital, NHS, Wolverhampton

System(s) Nurse Call, Panic Alarms & Baby Tagging

This Super NHS Hospital represents one our most rewarding relationships over many years. Covering over 1000 beds, the Zettler Nurse Call System is an extensive HTM 0803 design which combines staff attack and pagers too. The maternity ward includes an Elpas Baby Tagging system.

Key Advantages:
Zetsafe Nurse Call Network - Integration Platform - Staff Attack Integration - Baby Tagging
  Great Western Hospital, NHS, Swindon

System(s) Nurse Call, Panic Alarms & Baby Tagging

The Great Western Hospital is a huge hospital with over 400 beds. Our staff were there at the beginning of the installation over 15 years ago. The site benefits from a HTM 0803 compliant Speech Nurse Call system at the bedheds. The maternity ward also includes an Elpas Baby Tagging system..

Key Advantages:
Zetsafe Nurse Call Network - Integration Platform - Staff Attack Integration - Baby Tagging

Ramsay Fiztwilliam Private Hospital, Peterborough

System: Nurse Call

This site boasts the very latest in advanced HTM 0803 Nurse Call Technology. It incorporates RFID Call & Reset/Presence in each bedroom which when used by staff, registers the activity along with their ID. In addition, corridors have our latest Zettler Speech Workstations c/w time saving apps.

Key Advantages:
User ID Staff Call, Reset/Presence Units - Time Saving Inter Dept Zettler Speech Workstations

  Spire Gatwick Private Hospital, Gatwick

System: Wireless Nurse Call

The clients requirements for this site were for a HTM 0803 wire free nurse call solution with minimal disruption. Each bedroom includes call, reset and emergency facilities with integration to the existing bed lights. We are proud of our low lifecycle battery replacement costs and time/disruption saved.

Key Advantages:
Low Cost and Disruption - Low Battery Replacement Lifecycle Costs - User ID Recognition
  St Catherines NHS Hospital, Doncaster

System: Panic Alarm System

This extensive major mental health site has our Zettler Medicall 800 Staff Attack System. Staff have a choice between fixed button units on the walls or lightweight, robust, portable triggers with two levels of alarm, low battery warning and ultra long IR signal reach. It's also underpinned by our Zetsafe Platform.

Key Advantages:
Event Location & Logging - Portable Triggers - Low Battery Indication - Zetsafe Network Platform
  Liverpool Women's NHS Hospital, Liverpool

System: Baby Tagging Systems
Covering a extensive maternity wards, the hospital is protected by probably the safest baby tagging technology in the world. The tags include high security tamper tags, flexible escort options, high grade location granularity and easy to use software for ward staff.

Key Advantages:
High Security Tamper Alert - Low Tag Replacement Lifecycle Costs - Easy to Use Software Screens
  Mater Clinic, Cork, Ireland

System: Real Time Location Patient Work Flow
Installed to improve the throughput of patients whilst improving the quality of the patient's experience during their journey, this system includes bed management, hand hygiene participation and patient journey workflow rules to improve efficiency and safety. Electronic whiteboards update each stage of the journey.

Key Advantages:
Greater Patient Access - 90% Reduction in Phone Calls - Greater Infection Control Safety.
  Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

System: Integrated Door Entry & Access Control
Installed to improve security at key access points, the system consists of stainless steel door entry panels complete with speech and access control keypad facilities.

Key Advantages:
Integrated Door Entry and Access Control Systems
  Swallow Court

System: Warden Call System
A1 Housing is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) who provide the day-to-day management of Bassetlaw District Council's housing stock of around 7,000 properties.

Key Telecare Advantages:
“Great for the residents. It means that they can get assistance 24 hours a day, even when the warden is off duty, which gives everyone peace of mind. Now home to 36 people, it has exceeded the Decent Homes standard and has become A1 Housing's flagship scheme for sheltered housing.
  Gatwick Airport, London

System: Disabled Persons WC Systems, Panic AIarms & Mobile Communications
This is an extensive networked system of disabled toilet alarms throughout the airport with information returning to a central location. In addition, panic alarm points are installed in strategic locations and information is repeated onto portable pagers.

Key Advantages:
Integrated Door Entry and Access Control Systems


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