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Paging Systems and Services
To begin with, we supply standard flashing, beeping or vibrating pager systems for staff in hospitals, restaurants and hotels.

We also supply pager systems for needs of lone workers in factories and other sectors. Equipment failures, such as fridges can also be sent directly to pagers. We also enable fire and disaster mesaging.

Finally, we also supply digital paging networks on a local, regional or national scale. This includes resource management, operation communication, vehicle communication and navigation and dispatch systems.

    Fire and Disaster Pager Systems
How sure are you that everyone will adequately hear the fire alarm going off? Do you have people working where alarm cannot be heard? Do you have people that have any hearing difficulties ? Do require confirmation signals that something has been opened (i.e Doors) in the event of a fire?

Key Advantages:

Pager Systems get the message to people fast
Paging Systems enables faster attendance to muster points
Peace of mind for the hard of hearing
Ideal for those working in noisier environments

Alerting Networks & Resource Management
We build reliable digital radio paging alerting networks adapted to your needs - on a local, regional or national scale. Our core business's is reliably transmitted information to responsible personnel, be it for alerting, notification, searching or informing.

Our resourcing management solution keeps you informed of the readiness of relief forces at all times. During an operation, relief forces confirm and respond to alert messages by pressing a button. (i'm coming' / 'i'm not coming'). A bar chart will show who's coming and who's is not. You can prevent understaffing ahead of time and the scheduling of relief forces is simplified.


Equipment Failure Messaging
How do you know if there is a failure with your equipment? What are the financial risks to your company if you experience a failure? What are the consequences of selling produce above a certain temperature ? How is such issue currently being taken care of ? Manual hourly checking ? Intrusive loud alarming?

Key Advantages:
Alarms sent to pagers mobiles inform staff quickly allowing them to move produce when a failure happens saving it from the bin and saving the potential losses. You'll only need to check when you're alerted to an issue.


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