We specialise in Economical, Wireless Panic Alarm Systems for environments where people feel threatended at work. We employ Ultra Safe, Wireless, Robust, Dual Tech Portable Triggers with Two Levels of Alarm - Assist and Attack. Complete with Easy to Use Incident Software, Installs require a Minimum of Disruption. With Over 500 Installations in the UK alone, we're Passionate about Pre & After-Sales panic alarm Support.

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Panic Alarms - Easy to Use
For staff on the move, they can be raised via personal alarm units. With a press a button, the system will raise an 'assistance' call along with the location of the incident, ensuring a swift response. The user may raise a higher level of alarm by tugging the unit away from its holder.

Key Advantages:
- Portable panic buttons
- lightweight, robust & discreet
- Provides exact call location
- Different levels of alarm

    Medicall 800 Personal Alarms
Our modular panic alarm system makes it simple and economical to swap out components, saving time and disruption.

Key Advantages continued
- Integral battery test facility
- Long life rechargeable batteries on personal alarms
- Non detachable belt holder
- Ultra long reach signal for peace of mind

Call Management & Reporting Software Packages
To satisfy the Care Quality Commission, we can provide an easy to use panic alarm logging package. This is critical for both real time event management and historical analysis.

Key Advantages:
- Easy to Use
- Historical Anaylysis
- Call & Response Times
- Customised call exception reports.
- Reports can also easily be exported
- Overdoor light c/w integral sounder


Disabled Toilet Alarm Extensions
Our Panic Alarm system can also easily accomodate disbaled toilets onto the same network without any fuss.

Key Advantages:

- Quick & Easy to Install
- Distress Alarms Extensions
- Suitable for all WC areas
- Stand alone or network options
- Satisfies BS 8300 2009 and Part M of Building Regulations
- Anti-ligature pull cord


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