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Justify your ROI with our Real Time Location Systems
Whether you’re looking for asset tracking, patient flow, bed management, Versus offers a scalable Real Time Location Systems to meet your needs.

Getting investment for RFID tracking is often the ROI.

ROI Achieved with our Versus RFID Tracking System:
$600,000 immediate savings & $2.7 million over 10 years
$181,925 annual productivity savings & 30-40% increase in patient flow

..plus a host of safety enhancements from hand hygiene participation, infection control outreak and temperature monitoring.


Glance and Go Electronic Whiteboards
Once we’ve automated your operations to optimise time, wherever your 'Glance & Go' Screens are located, you’ll easily be able to automatically communicate patient status and next steps to your staff. With room/bed status, you'll quickly know whether it’s available, assigned or in need of cleaning – to improve patient rooming and room turnover times..

Key Advantages:
Quickly Locate Staff & Assets
List or Graphical Floorplan Views with Search Box
Zero Manual Data Entry - Updates Automatically
Customisable, Intuitive Colour Coded Screens and icons
Save Valuable Time and Enhancing Safety

    Bed Management-
Do you waste time checking if beds are available, manually entering bed management data or calling back and forth to patients?

Key Advantages:

- RFID Tracking Systems increases throughput & efficiency
- Create bed turnover reports
- Automatic holding of beds
- Patient discharge notifies cleaners
- Identifies and reduces bottlenecks
- Extensive historical analysis tools
- Integrate existing IT systems
- Worry free prompts & add special room notations

  Patient Flow
By using rtls to capture each stage of a patient's visit, we'll save time at each stage through increasingly the process awareness of each care stakeholder. Electronic whiteboards automatically update staff and prompts are automatically sent to help keep the process moving along, therefore saving on valuable staff costs and time. .

Key Advantages:

- Improve patient flow, room turnover times & exam room usage
- Anticipate & proactively respond to changes in patient schedules
- Know where patients are located & wait times
- Patient status (ready for oncologist, chemo ordered/ready)
- Drive patient & relative satisfaction
- Identify, reduce bottlenecks & exploit extensive analysis tools

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