We specialise in Low Cost, Wander Alarm Assistive Technology Systems for Care Homes and Hospitals, employing Ultra Safe Triple Tech Technology. Ideal for Dementia Care and similar applications, we have a Variety of Badges and Tags to suit you needs. There is a Minimum of Disruption.

Modules that can be added with minimal fuss are Staff Attack, Lone Worker, Man Down and Babby Taaging - One Platform for All of Your Needs.
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Probably the Safest Wander Alarm in the Market
Elpas RFID Tracking Wander Alarm Protection is a location based safety solution that provides care facilities with protection against resident wandering for peace of mind.

Key Advantages:
- Triple-Tech RFID Tracking signaling technologies
- Healthcare proven form factor (IP65)
- Wireless duress call functionality
- Automatic device supervision
- Status LED indicator light
- Easy to use and clean

    How Does our RFID Tracking System Work?
Residents that are at risk of wandering are given an Elpas Personal Safety Bracelet. These lightweight, unobtrusive wander alarm bracelets transmit an alarm event when they approach a protected exit or when the bracelet is removed from the wrist.

Being aware of the exact location of the resident allows the system to lock exits, discretely preventing the resident from leaving protected areas. In the event that a wandering resident leaves through an open door, the system alerts staff according to facility notification procedures, including pager messages and audio voice enunciated alert messages over a PA.

Intuitive Software & Call Logging Package
Our easy to understand graphical views provide an overview of the secured areas and has been designed so that authorised users can quickly and easily get RFID Tracking Information.

What Can be Viewed? :

- An Alert from a Tag
- The Tagís Location & Status
- Advanced Map Alerts & Secure Colour Coded Zones
- Audible Voice Alerts & Zoom On Alerts
- Real Time Tag Tracking
- Tag Overview (Battery Status, - Signal Meter, Tag Condition)


Multiple Device Options
Thereís never just one type of tag or calling device thatís required in our experience. To accommodate your siteís needs, we have a range of devices which can applied together for safety.

Key Advantages:
Personal Safety Bracelet - For residents who require protection
Fall Detection - Automatically detects a rapid rate of decent
Bed and Chair Sensors - Detects leaving a bed or wetting
ID & Location Alert - Shows ID, gives user location inc help button
Door Contacts - To alarm exit doors Dementia
WC Toilet Pull Cords - With Anti-ligature features
Staff Attack Triggers - Portable Alert Triggers for vulnerable staff
Asset Tags - For quick location of assets


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