Welcome to RTLS Communications Limited. We specialise in Warden Call Systems for sheltered housing. This fully integrated Telecare and Security solution was specifically made with Sheltered Housing, Extra Care Developments, Retirement Villages and Nursing Homes in mind and offers a system controller, room consoles, proximity readers and communication handsets.

It's a low cost system that’s easy to use and maintain and easy programming that can be tailored to the users required needs. It's flexibile for management and care staff alike whilst providing end-users with a modern, all-in-one system that presents an array of features to provide them with the care they need whilst providing that positive quality of life they deserve in terms of privacy, quality and independence. The system interfaces with 95% of UK Control Centres.

Looking to Upgrade an Existing Tunstall (Haven, Vision, Communicall), Chubb (Concept,Viking) or Tynetec (XT,NT) Warden Call System?
Our Xenon Assisted Living System will reutilise existing cabling and will require almost no wiring thereafter, hence saving substantial cost and disruption.

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    Warden Call System Displays - Easy to Use
Our much lauded warden call room units are very easy to use three button units with a large character display & high contrast LCD Screen for ease of use.

Key Advantages:
- Easy software configuration for changing needs
- Utilises existing cabling infrastructure in most circumstances
- Designed with user choice in mind Supports dual frequency
Telecare Receivers allow interoperation with other manufacturers
- Supports "Service Provider" monitoring
- Fully Integrated Door Entry and Proximity (Fob) Access Control
- Low cost of ownership
- Onsite/offsite voice recording on both speech channels
- Remote Diagnostic Support
    Wide Variety of Accessories
We have a wide range of accessories which can be added to your Assisted Living System base system. These include 'I'm Okay' and PIR motion “Im Active” facilities:

- Pendant Wrist Transmitters
- Fall Sensors
- Staff Registration Fobs
- Talking Pendants
- Panic Buttons
- WC Pull Cords
- Smoke, Heat, Carbon Monoxide & Water Sensors
- Door Sensor
- PIR Movement Sensors

Integrated Door Entry & Access Control System
Our unique combined Access Control & Fob Access System negates to the need to purchase two systems - saving cost and disruption. It offers the user a simple and intuitive digital entry system, fob access and a cloud based information store so data is tracked and logged.

- Vandal Resistant
- Equality Act Friendly Buttons with Yellow Contrasting Border
- Door Open, Ring, Privacy Features
- PIN & Fob Access
- Video Option
- Fault Isolation Circuitry - For extra Peace of Mind
- Flush Mounting
- Attractive, Easy to Use Handsets
- N
o need for Specialist Wiring Diagrams


Vital Signs Telehealth Detection
You can also add devices which allow any individual to easily check, display and store their vital signs. This device is suitable for LTC sufferers, domiciliary care workers, care homes, social services, social housing and charitable institutions. (Suitability varies depending on various models on offer)

Monitoring Options:
Oxygen Levels
Core Body Temperature
Blood Pressure
Full ECG trace

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