- Low Cost
- Easy to Use
- Quick Install
- Intuitive Management Software
- Minimal Ongoing Costs

We specialise in Low Cost, Wireless Nurse Call Systems for Care Homes and Hospitals. With Numerous Call Types and User ID, Systems are Quick to Install with a Minimum of Disruption. We're passionate about Pre & After-Sales Support.

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Wireless Nurse Call Systems
The HTM6000, our latest range of radio nurse call products are designed with aesthetics in mind, while being easy to use and highly durable.
Separate systems have been designed to meet the varying requirements of both private and public sectors.

Key Advantages:
- Numerous wireless nurse call system combinations including Emergency Calls
- Easy to maintain
- Low battery lifecycle costs
- Minimise Disruption
- Delivers excellent reliability
- User ID







Displays – Clear Information and Easy to Use
We offer two different sizes of screen. They can be programed to show just bed/room no or display more descriptive text. Alternatively Maps can be imported.

Key Advantages:
- Mapping facilities
- Medication reminders
- Staff attendance logs
- Built-in call history
- Call acceptance
- Day/Night modes
- Variety of call tones


Wide Variety of Nursecall Room Units
than using traditional nurse call buttons that become stuck and damaged, we use a wipe clean label with a Microban® anti-bacterial coating. If anything is spilled onto the call point, care home staff can simply wipe them clean. If the call point label is damaged it can easily be replaced in seconds, leaving it looking as good as new.

Key Advantages
- Labels have a luminescent coating making it easily visible in the dark
- Easy to Replace
- All call points are supplied with either a pull cord or pear push lead, depending on the location of use
- Magnetic Access Fob (can be used on left or right hand opening doors)


Hard Wired Integration Options
From time to time, you may require a combination of hard wired and wireless solutions to meet your needs. We can assist you with a wide variety of options

Key Advantages:
- System agnostic
- Minimal disruption
- Integration of bed light relays
- Integrated pagers
- Integration with wanderer alarm


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